Barra Airguns Schofield No. 3 Revolver - .177 CO2 Full Metal Airgun Pistol - Gun Metal Finish

Barra Airguns

Enjoy a beautiful piece of history with the Schofield No.3 Vintage Revolver from Barra Airguns. A faithful replica of the classic Smith & Wesson No.3 Schofield revolver from 1875, the first thing you’ll notice is the precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each revolver feels heavy and balanced in your hand, available in an authentic gunmetal finish with an included 1 year warranty.

Shooting the Schofield No.3 Vintage Revolver is a joy with a smooth single action, CO2 power, and authentic 6 shot cylinder. Load BBs into the included metal cartridges, and reloading is easy with the top break design.

Perfect on the range, for firearm proficiency and training, or backyard plinking, the Schofield No.3 Vintage Revolver from Barra Airguns is the right pistol at the right price.

AUTHENTIC BB VERSION OF THE CLASSIC Smith & Wesson No.3 Schofield Revolver from 1875 with precision craftsmanship and attention to detail.
1 YEAR WARRANTY Shoot your high quality full metal airgun with confidence that this collector’s piece will stand up to endless shooting fun.
REAL SINGLE ACTION CO2 POWER to shoot just like the real six shooter from the old west to shoot targets and compete at the shooting range.
SHOOT BBs AND PELLETS with interchangeable metal cartridges (Pellet cartridges not included) for maximum range and accuracy.
ACCURATE AND POWERFUL WITH 7 Inch Barrel and up to 435fps from 12g co2 cartridges. Fits into standard revolver gunbelts and holsters.

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