About Us

Black Ops creates the highest value airsoft and airguns the market has to offer.

We’re a USA-based premier airsoft and airgun research, design, and manufacturing company. We’re known for our high quality, high value weapons across the mid-to-upper price range. We create battle-ready weapons for shooters of all skill levels: from neighborhood brawls to national Mil-Sim mayhem, camping and small game hunting to backyard plinking.

But more than that, we’re lovers of all things airsoft and airgun. We stalk, we track, we hunt, we battle, we win, and we love every minute of it. That’s why we do what we do. We build guns we want to use, know we can trust, and don’t bust the bank. — Jim Fife, President/Founder

Black Ops is a trademark of Bear River Holdings. If you like Black Ops, we encourage you to explore our sister products: Bear River & Ignite.