Pellet Cartridges for Barra Airguns Schofield No.3 Revolver - Pack of 6 Shells for Standard .177 Caliber Pellets

Barra Airguns

Take your Schofield No.3 Revolver to the next level with Barra Airguns Pellet Cartridges. These Cartridges let you use any standard .177 Caliber Airgun Pellets in your co2 revolver pistol for increased range, accuracy, and fps! Pack of 6 Cartridges are compatible with any Barra Airgun Schofield No.3 Revolvers.

UPGRADE YOUR BB PISTOL TO A PELLET GUN, Use these Pellet Cartridges with Barra Airguns  Schofield No.3 CO2 Pistols.
CARRY EXTRA AMMO AND WASTE LESS TIME RELOADING, Six cartridges included. Each cartridge holds one .177 caliber airgun pellet.
MORE RANGE AND ACCURACY WITH YOUR SCHOFIELD No.3 REVOLVER, shoot premium hunting or target shooting air rifle pellets.
WORRY LESS WITH OUR HIGH-QUALITY REUSABLE METAL CARTRIDGES. These cartridges will stand the test of time. Cartridges fit into all Bear River Schofield Revolvers.
LOOK GREAT WHILE HUNTING OR SHOOTING TARGETS in any standard gun belt or holster.

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