Black Ops Exterminator Airsoft BB Revolver Cartridges - Pack of 6 Shells for Standard 6mm Airsoft BBs

Black Ops USA

Spend more time shooting and less time reloading with Black Ops Exterminator Cartridges. Take your Exterminator Revolver to the next level with extra ammo at the ready. These Cartridges use any standard 6mm Airsoft BBs in your co2 revolver pistol! Pack of 6 Cartridges are compatible with any Black Ops Exterminator Revolver.

  • WASTE LESS TIME RELOADING with this 6 pack of realistic metal cartridges. Each cartridge holds one 6mm Airsoft BB.
  • ENJOY THE REALISTIC LOOK AND FEEL of loading real metal cartridges into an authentic revolver.
  • COMPLETE YOUR LOADOUT Cartridges fit into standard .45 bullet loops in belts, holsters, and other accessories.
  • LONG LASTING HIGH-QUALITY REUSABLE METAL CARTRIDGES. These cartridges will stand the test of time. Cartridges fit into all Black Ops Exterminator Revolvers.
  • RELOAD FAST AND STAY IN THE GAME Black Ops cartridges are compatible with most airgun revolver speedloaders.

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