1911 Plastic 2 Pack Combo Kit
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A complete and affordable airsoft kit, the 1911 Tactical Combat Kit from Black Ops USA includes everything you need for some target shooting fun! Each spring airsoft pistol is a replica of the .45 caliber classic with realistic size, 12 round magazine, and slide cocking action.


These pistols fire a powerful 340 FPS without any batteries or CO2, and come with 800 rounds of ammunition and safety glasses. Also in the box is a reusable gel target. Your airsoft BBs will stick to the target before dropping into the tray below, so that you can practice all you want without making a mess. This is the perfect airsoft kit at the perfect price, order you 1911 Tactical Combat Kit today!


• 1911 Tactical Combat Kit from Black Ops USA

• 2 Spring Powered 1911 Airsoft Pistols

• 340 FPS w/ .12g BBs

• 2 400 Round Containers of .12g Airsoft BBs

• Reusable Gel Target


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