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1911 Full Metal Blow Back Pistol


The 1911 Full Metal Blowback from Black Ops USA is a heavy duty and high powered replica of the classic .45, with a real feel gas blowback action, authentic dual safety, and an integr...

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M4 Viper Elite Airsoft Assault Rifle


The M4 Viper Elite Assault Rifle from Black Ops USA is the all new upgraded version of the solid Viper platform. With a new high impact polymer body and an extended quick-release rail...

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M4 Diamond Back Airsoft Assault Rifle


Weighing in at 6.1lbs unloaded, when you pick up the M4 Diamond Back you can feel the solid build quality. Upper and lower receivers, buffer tube, outer barrel, RIS rails, gas b...

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Boa CO2 Airsoft Pistol


The BOA Airsoft Pistol from Black Ops USA is a high powered CO2 airsoft pistol that’s built tough and ready for action. The simple design, light weight, and low profile 20 round magazine m...

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Viper mk5 - M4 Airsoft Assault Rifle AEG


The M4 Viper Mk5 assault rifle from Black Ops USA is a competitive, solidly built AEG that looks great and shoots even better. With fiber optic flip up sights, a free-floating, quick relea...

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Exterminator Full Metal Revolver 4" Gun Metal


The Exterminator Full Metal Revolver from Black Ops USA has the look, feel, and performance that you’ll love, on the field or in your backyard. The first thing you’ll notice is ...