Q: Where can I purchase new accessories/magazines or cartridges?
A: You can purchase new magazines right here on our website. Under the “Gear” page, select the right accessories or magazines Black Ops currently offers. When you find the product you are looking for click the item to go to the options and payment screen. (NOTE: we are currently adding more accessories or magazines to the site, check back later or contact customer service).
Q: My gun isn’t firing properly, how do I fix it?
A: Please contact our technicians at (580) 272-0022 or by email at help@bearriver.net, and someone will gladly assist you in troubleshooting your issue as well as looking into options for you if the error is not user correctable. When you call, please have a copy of your receipt or invoice and the gun with you so we can full assist you in warranty work and repairs.
Q: My M4 just stopped firing, what can I do?
A: There are a couple of different things that could be causing this issue: First, check your battery (using a voltmeter) to ensure that the battery is properly charged. If your battery is fully charged the next likely issue would be a gear jam. This is generally caused by one of several factors, such as continuing to fire with a weak or undercharged battery or storing the gun with the gears partially cycled. When pulling your trigger, you may hear a clicking noise from within the gun, and may feel the motor in the pistol grip of your gun try to “twitch” additionally, your gun’s wiring and battery will begin to heat up. If you feel this at all, please stop trying to fire, as excess heat will damage your gun and batteries. If this issue sounds like the problem you are experiencing, please email our support department: help@bearriver.net to receive the steps needed to clear this jam. If none of these symptoms coincide with the problem you are experiencing, please call our support department at (580) 272-0022 Monday- Friday from 8:00am- 5:00pm CST to speak with a technician.
Q: My magazine is leaking cO2, what do I do?
A: The reason for this is likely that the magazine just needs lubrication. Please use 100% silicone oil, and ONLY 100% silicone oil to lubricate the moving parts on the pistol including the piercing nipple and the seal inside the cartridge well, the square gasket on top of the magazine (if applicable), as well as on the striker valve located on the back of the magazine, (after oiling this, work the plunger to allow to oil to get inside). We recommend putting a small amount of oil on the seal/piercing nipple before the gun is stored. It is also recommended that the cO2 cartridge be removed prior to storage as the constant pressure and extreme temperature can damage the seal. Do NOT use any petroleum based lubricants like WD-40 or RemOil, as these will destroy the gaskets and seals on the gun, and void your warranty.
Q: My gun has physical damage, how can I get it fixed?
A: In cases of physical damage clear images of the damage need to be sent in an email to help@bearriver.net along with a brief description of how the damage occurred. These pictures will be assessed and we can look into options for you if your item is still covered under warranty.
Q: I want to upgrade my M-4 Viper, what can I use to upgrade?
A: We have designed our model M4 viper to be a fully modular gun built to the standard M4 specifications based on the M4 platform. Nearly any body components designed for the M4 platform or gearbox components designed for a V2 (version 2) gearbox will fit right in on this model.
Q: My Wolverine will dry fire, but when I put the magazine in the gun won’t fire at all.
A: What you are describing is likely a crimped barrel, which is due to the trigger being pulled while the magazine is loaded into the pistol. When the trigger is pulled, the rear of the barrel extends into the magazine well. If this happens while a magazine is inserted, it will crimp the end of the aluminum barrel, causing this issue. While this damage does unfortunately void the manufacturer's warranty, it is relatively easy to fix yourself. You will just need to ream the barrel back into a circle. If you have access to a 6mm reaming rod, use this to ream the barrel back into a circle. If you don’t have access to ream rods, you can accomplish the same thing with BBs and a slender screwdriver. First, remove the magazine, and set the gun on a table, with the barrel pointing up at the ceiling. Next, pour 6 or 8 BBs down the barrel, until it is mostly full. Finally, use your screwdriver to push the BBs back through, which will begin bending the barrel back into shape. You will likely need to repeat this process several times, until BBs fall freely through the barrel and out the magazine well.
Q: How do I properly charge my battery?
A: We recommend charging the battery for 6-8 hours before the first use to ensure that the battery receives a full charge before the gun is initially fired. When the battery is “dead” after the gun has been played with continuously, recharge the battery for 4-6 hours to ensure the battery receives a full charge to optimize playing time. Note: Do NOT leave the battery on the charger for longer than 8 hours as this could damage the battery and render it useless.
Q: When I shoot my gun, no bb’s come out.
A: If you are hearing a normal firing sound coming from the gun, but no BBs are firing, then remove your magazine and turn the gun upside down. Located in the magazine well is a feed tube. Drop a BB into this feed tube, and while continuing to hold the gun upside down, point it in a safe direction, set the selector switch to semi, and pull the trigger. If the BB fires, then the issue is likely that your magazine simply is not feeding properly into the gun. Sometimes when the magazine isn’t feeding correctly it’s because the magazine hasn’t been properly wound, i.e. the tension spring which feeds your bbs into the gun isn’t tight. To correct this issue turn the wheel on the bottom of the magazine until there is a bb at the top. (The number of turns varies depending on how full the magazine is.) Then load the magazine into the gun and wind another (approximately) 30-60 times. If your gun is still not firing bbs run your cleaning rod down through the barrel (with the magazine out) and ensure there are not bbs jammed in the barrel. If none of the above steps corrects your issue please contact our support department at (580) 272-0022 Monday- Friday from 8:00am- 5:00pm CST.